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Glimmering Trio by Carolyn Mitchell

Glimmering Trio
Level: Advanced Intermediate
Canvas Size: 3 pieces 6″ x 13″ or one piece of either 6″ x 39″ or 13″ x 18″
Design Size: 2″ to 2 1/2″
Program Dates: March 1 – March 5, 2018
Registration Dates: January 15 – March 5, 2018
Costs: non-EU CyberPointers Members $13, EU Members contact the registrar for pricing & invoice

Possible Colorways

original red and green blue and mauve in alternate configuration

My original red and gold set was worked on 18 count Victorian Green Canvas with touches of white and green. Each ornament features a variety of stitches. The first ornament comprises of layered waffles, eyelets, cashmere, upright cross, milanese, and trellis work. Another ornament features tear drop Jessicas, rice stitch, diagonal satin stitch, and double straight cross stitch. The last one includes gobelin, star, tied down, flat, oblong cross, mosaic, and crescent stitches. They are all embellished with pearls. The same design is repeated three times then constructed into a three sided ornament using the binding stitch or buttonhole stitch. Each ornament can be decorated with a tie and a tassel. The three ornaments are all different sizes with them varying between two inches to two and half inches for each square.

Welcome Note from Carolyn

Welcome to Glimmering Trio a delightful group of three ornaments; after all it is never too early to start your ornaments for the holidays.
My original set has been worked in red, gold, with touches of white and green. However, I decided to do some for my grandchildren. I did one in blue and silver that shimmers in the light. Another is mauve and silver and I decided to construct it just a little differently to create an overall different shape.
I have included a supply list for the original set, however, you are welcome to change out the colours to your taste. As for fibres, I suggest that you stay with a 1/16th ribbon and Petite Very Velvet as they cover well and offer the flat soft effect and high shine effect. You want your #8 Perle Cotton to match the canvas. The 2mm beads come in little packages from SJ Designs and I would purchase two to four packages. These beads are round (not round/flat like Mill Hill beads) – so they have an elegant appearance to them. There are beads on the tassels as well as in the designs, plus you can add them to your binding if you wish. For the Helby beads a 3mm Swarovski pearl will make a lovely substitution.
This course is going to be set up for the five days as follows:
• The first three days each ornament will be introduced and discussed.
• The fourth day will be the creating of ties and tassels.
• The firth day is learning the binding stitch and buttonhole stitch.
I want you all to enjoy this course, have fun, and absorb plenty. Feel free to modify the colours or fibres.

Looking forward to stitching with you in March.

Supply List for all three designs

#18 Mono Canvas Victorian Green 6” by 39”Cut 3 pieces 6” by 13”
ThreadworX Overdyed Floss #153 1 skein
ThreadworXOverdyed#12 Braid #3053 1 package
Kreinik #12 Braid #210 1 reel
Kreinik #12 Braid #009 1 reel
Kreinik #12 Braid #421 1 reel
Kreinik #8 Braid #210 1 reel
Kreinik 1/16” Ribbon #221 2 reels
Caron Impressions #2071 1/2 skein
Rainbow Gallery Petite Very Velvet V613 1 card
DMC Perle Cotton #5 815 1 skein
DMC Perle Cotton #8 500 2 balls
SJ Beads 2mm White 238
SJ Beads 2mm Gold 276
Helby 3mm Burgundy 86
Tapestry Needles Size #22 and #24 1 each
Beading Needle John James Ball Point Size 10 1

The three ornaments are worked in a variety of threads and stitches offering excellent texture and an opportunity to try different threads and different stitches. Read the individual supply list for each one.

1 pair of Stretcher Bars 13” Cor-Jack/small hammer
1 pair of Stretcher Bars 6” Extra Lighting
OR Stretch bars 13” by 18” (put in two divide lines) Extra Magnification
Creating three 6” by 13” sections for the three designs. Table or Floor Stand
40 Brass tacks Scissors
Laying tool Masking tape

Glimmers of gold and red gently move on the Holiday Tree offering beauty and peace to the season. May you have peace and love as you stitch and enjoy these ornaments for many years in the future.

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